Society of Mechanical Engineers Nepal (SOMEN) is an umbrella organization working for common goals of mechanical engineering community in Nepal since its inception. Established in 2048 B.S, SOMEN has been working effectively to act as a platform and voice the opinions of mechanical engineering community; support for the professional empowerment; work in close collaboration with different government organizations for policy intervention; involvement in various national and international issues etc.

The organization has been actively involved in organizing different national and international level workshops, seminar and conferences. SOMEN has also has its active participation in providing valuable insights and recommendations regarding mechanical engineering fields in governments and other relevant sectors.

With the advent of development, innovation and entrepreneurship in each and every sector of society, the role of mechanical engineers is apparent and inevitable. As a community of mechanical engineers represented all over Nepal and with a vision to expand the horizon to abroad as well, the association is the network of mechanical engineering knowledge, skill and opportunity for all the stakeholders to cherish.

We have a vision to develop and maintain collaborations with government agencies, educational institutions, industries, other professional associations, student societies and all the concerned parties to ensure that collaborative advantages are attained.

By equipping and empowering engineers with the right skills, knowledge and experience we hope to develop ourselves to be competent enough in this ever-changing world scenario. 

SOMEN is governed by 11 Executive members elected in the general assembly. The Committee consists of a president, a general secretary, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, 5 members and 1 Ex-Office Member who is also the president of the previous Executive Committee. The tenure of the Executive Committee is two years.


To be the recognized authority in mechanical engineering community creating ensemble of Mechanical Engineers all across Nepal


Collaboration, Empowerment and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering Community of Nepal


·       Collaborate, Innovate and Promote Mechanical Engineering

·       Encourage Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

·       Strategic Intervention in Policy Development & Implementation

·       Develop a national and global engineering community